October Favorites/ Happy late Halloween

Hi everyone! I know it’s already a week into November but I’m posting this anyway!

I keep saying I’ll go on a diet but then I go out trick-or-treating so points for team couch potato! I like to go as something different every year so this year I was kind f lost for ideas and went as a scarecrow, which I know sounds kind of weird but it turned out pretty good.

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My aim was too look like that ^ (yeah, that’s not me guys, I wish) but the fact my mum isn’t a makeup artist kind of weighed down on the quality of my face paint 🙂

Anyway onto the main part of the post. I’ve decided that, if I’m not too busy being lazy I’m going to do like monthly favorite post, and maybe a recap. 🙂


1. Adidas Sweater Shirt 

I love this shirt!  It’s really good quality because, of course it’s from Adidas. I do actually find it really annoying when you watch like, haul videos on Youtube and the person buys like loads of Nike stuff because hardly anyone can just go out and buy all that, but I didn’t actually buy this shirt. My friend gave it to me because she said she never wore it, but I would suggest buying branded items from Gumtree or Shpock if you’re planning on it. I’m like a size 8 and this shirt is a size 14, so I have no idea why my friend bought it in that size, but if you want an over-sized sweater it works really well. (Also ‘scuse the dirty mirror x)


2. Primark Spiced Pumpkin Scented Candle 

I bought this candle for pound pound ($2) when I was in England. It smells absolutely rank but I loved the design on the front and thought it would look nice in room. I should have bought the coconut one too, because that’s right folks, even candles are expensive in Australia.


3. Primark Pointed False Nails in Pitch Black

I love these nails! I haven’t worn them yet because when I brought them home my mum said “You are not wearing black nails, you’re way too young!” Half the stuff I bought over there was to wear when I was “older” anyway though and my cousin’s girlfriend had black nails which looked *amazing*. These nails were so worth the money as well. I got 24 nails with glue for 1 pound ($2), which is kind of funny because when I bought my first pack of false nails in Australia I spent $10!! (I just buy them online now though.) I don’t know why people insist on paying $50 to get their nails done when it’s $5 to buy like a 10-pack of glue and 100 nails.


4. Discount Drug Store false eyelashes

These were my first pair of false eyelashes which I bought for Halloween. I’m not sure if they were from a specific brand but they were from DDS. They were a little pricey at around $10 but never mind. I really suck at putting false eyelashes on, I couldn’t get the ends of the eyelashes on and it was so hard getting them right on my lash line!


5. Primark twinkle lights.

Okay, so I guess some people could say I’m *a little* obsessed with Primark but you have to agree with me IT’S HEAVEN ON EARTH! These lights were so cheap and they work really well! If I bought these lights here a) they would be VERY expensive and b) they would still be crap quality.

Thanks for reading lovelies, it would be great to know what you think of my monthly favorites posts!


xogirl xxx


Annoying Things Parents Do!

MY PARENTS ARE SO ANNOYING!!!! They just do things all the time, and I’m like “sorry what?”. My parents can be so uncool sometimes but sometimes they’re all right, anyway onto the list!

1. Threaten to Dance in Public 

She does it all the time, it’s awful! Ever since she saw this meme about punishing your children by dancing she won’t stop! Oh and singing, don’t get me started on the singing!


2. When they only use other people’s kids as examples when it proves their point

I swear, this is my mum like everyday. This is how our conversations go:

*Me* “Mum can I please wear this dress?”

*Mum* “Get that off, yo crazy if you think you can wear that!”

*Me* “But mum, Sophie wears them!”

*Mum* I couldn’t give a hoot what Sophie wears, you’re not wearing that dress!” (And yeah, she really says “I couldn’t give a hoot”)

But then next week:

*Me*  I’ll do my homework later, I’m too tired!

*Mum* I bet Sophie does her homework!

Seriously, I thought you didn’t care what Sophie does…


They say no to anything that could be vaguely dangerous 

God sometimes my mum is so strict. It’s like, if I asked to go to the park she thinks:

“Hmm it’s Sunday. I heard they’re the most common day for pedophiles to be out..”

“No sorry sweetie.” Barbie has this surgery soon because she hurt her hand (which I personally wish would fall off because she won’t stop talking about it!!!) but she bought 2 Shawn Mendes tickets, wish she might have to sell if it clashes with her surgery and I really want to go, but of course unless I want to spend my first concert with my MUM, I can’t go. Not to be rude but… WHICH TEENAGER ON THE PLANET EARTH GOES TO THEIR FIRST CONCERT WITH THEIR MUM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!???!?!

Everything they have ever know or thought is so out-dated from their old age that they let you do almost nothing you want to do 

This annoys me SMMMMM. Now, granted she is letting me get my second ear piercing soon, it took like a year and a half of begging plus there are so many girls in my grade who already have them. But anyway to the point, There are some things I really want to do like get an under-cut or a navel piercing or a helix piercing but my mum won’t even let me get one when I’m older! And I can’t wear one-pieces to the beach of they have words on them because I’m “too young”. I think that as long as she’s not letting me do something truly trashy she shouldn’t let her opinion of something that isn’t seen as really bad by society she should be able to negotiate with me. She may be my mum, but to be honest it’s my body.

Embarrassing me in front friends

Omg this is the worst! It’s like, please stop you’re actually killing me! I once told my dad later on to stop doing it and it he got all pissy at me. He’s always pissy it’s like he’s on a “man-period”. I swear if I get a boyfriend, it’s going to be hell.

Image result for mom embarrassing me in front of friends meme

Constantly telling me to do something when I’ve said okay

My parents will actually tell me to do something like 5 times in one minute. It’s so annoying, I SAID I’M COMING! Even if I do take a while, I’m still going to do it, leave me alone!

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Coming into your room to “check” on you then leaving the door open

Whenever my mum suspects I’m on my laptop she always come in my room and says something like what do you want for dinner, even though she just said we’re having pasta not even half an hour ago. But what makes it worse is that she leaves the door open when she leaves! If you found the door open, then shut it when you leave!

Putting the TV on full volume when I’m trying to sleep 

Whenever I want to sleep they think it’s a great opportunity to watch some English murder mystery program with the volume at 100. They may be in their 50’s but they are not old enough to be deaf.

Image result for trying to sleep memes

Telling me to come to them when they want to talk

*Parent* HEY!
*Me* WHAT?!                                                                                                                                  *Parent* CAN YOU PLEASE COME HERE SO I CANT ASK YOU A POINTLESS QUESTION LIKE ARE THESE PINK UNDIES YOURS?!

Well, lets see: My mum would not be the same size in underwear as me and I don’t think my little brother would be wearing them so, what do you think?

Thank you for reading my post guys, I hope it was fun to read! Are anyone else’s parents like this or did I just end up with psycho-parents from Mars? Byeee!


xogirl xx

Where do I belong?

I don’t think I belong in Australia. Just saying that sentence made my throat close up but this has just been on my mind since I got to England, and now I’m in Australia. I just wish I could pick up and move, because as scary as it would be I don’t care. I would do it in a heartbeat.

In all my years of living in Australia, I don’t think I’ve ever turned around and said, “Gee I love Australia!” There is almost nothing here to make me want to stay in Australia. Besides, I live in one of the worst places in Australia, Brisbane. So maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit but what is the point of living in Australia, a country KNOWN for it’s beaches and so-called tropical weather when there is no beach!?! It’s just hot and sticky and then if you don’t have a pool either than it’s even worse. Brisbane isn’t even a very nice city! I mean I might have slightly different thoughts about this if I lived down at the beach or in Melbourne where it’s actually pretty cold and occasionally snows but I just want to leave. Australia also just has bad reputation, we’re like the land of bogans or something. I don’t want to be from that country. I swear when I was England, at least one if five people has like green hair or something, but Australia is so vanilla. There are things here that I would miss, some of my friends and uncle, cousin and his partner but if I’m being honest I would not miss the rest of my Dad’s family as much as I do miss the family I’ve met like four times. I know how bad that sounds but I barley ever see them and there’s always some sort of drama, or something. They’re my family but if moved we would basically see them around the same amount of time we do. I don’t think I would have second thoughts about moving if I had the opportunity though. Of course it’s different for the rest of my family. I’m not too sure about my dad but I don’t think my brother wants to move. My mum would. There are friends she really does love more than anything but she would still move.

Moving would benefit my whole family. My dad doesn’t get that much work, He’s not of those big fancy lawyers who can let you get away with murder and my mum’s job might be coming to a close. She works for Channel 10 on a kids show and Channel 10 is running our of money there’s a good chance they’ll sell the company. My brother has only just moved into high school. He would make new friends. I really understand why he wouldn’t want to move. He’s just met all these cool new kids and he’s in big, old high school now but he has only been there for a year, he’d be fine. Besides what I’ve already said and what you’ll continue to read, a fresh start for me would be… good. It would be scary at a new school in a new country and with an accent but it’s not a big deal.  I might be the girl with the accent but it would probably end up turning British eventually anyway. I’m sure I could try changing my pronunciation of certain words as well, like the word data. Instead of me saying da-r-ta I would say da-y-ta. Half the kids at my primary school went to my high school, including almost every popular child in my grade, and not that popularity matters but the view they had of me is probably the same one they had of me in primary school so if they thought I was weird than great, a very large amount of kids think I’m a weirdo! Plus I don’t have any guy friends so starting a new school means a fresh impression and new friends. I don’t even like most of the people I sit with at lunch and out of the group I’m close to this one girl but I still don’t tell her some things… Like this. I’m not romanticizing this though. Starting at a new school on the other side of the world would be so scary. I mean what if they don’t like me? What if my accent is weird and it annoy people? I know I’m going on about like it’s really happening but I know it’ not. I’m making it sound like I think it would be more perfect than I think it really will be, but ever since my trip to England I’ve been weird. I think because I tried telling my mum how I felt last night it made me even more miserable. Today I acted like myself but underneath was a stretching sea of sadness. I keep wanting to cry but I don’t think there are any tears left.  A fresh start would be the right thing for everyone, and if things like my parents’ jobs don’t get that much better it can’t be worse than what we have now. Everything is cheaper in England anyway so we won’t be that bad off. If we moved my brother and I would also be so much more educated and well traveled as well because you can travel for cheaper prices and everything is so much cheaper. There is so much more opportunity.

There’s a whole family I’ve never even spent a Christmas with over there, and chances are the only one I will spend with them will be in when I’ve left school, without the rest f my family. My Dad’s side lives in Australia, the country I live in and have for my whole life who I haven’t spent a Christmas with! I want to be with the family who does spend Christmas together. Who isn’t almost insane like this one. They’re just crazy. I shouldn’t say it, but it’s the truth. Every family has it’s problems, my English one isn’t an exception but nothing is like my Australian one. I want to be with the other one, who seems much more excited to see me and likes spoiling me and being around me and makes jokes about me on Facebook. My Australian family forgets its my brother’s birthday! I don’t know how that is supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy towards them, whether you’re my brother or me.

My mum hasn’t seen this  post, but last night I tried to tell her how I felt. She wanted to send my auntie a photo of me in this jumpsuit I’d bought and I don’t know why but it just made me cry, because I thought ‘she could see it if we lived there.” And this is so different to my family in Australia because even if they’re in the same country they still live really really far away in Melbourne (Which is very far away from Brisbane) and we don’t send them photos of me! My mum thinks that like 90% of the reason I want to move is that I don’t feel loved by the family I have here and that’s so untrue it’s not even funny. I’m sure they love me, even if they suck at showing but that sad thing is I don’t know how much I love them. I’m sure I do because they’e my family but I just don’t know how much I love them. I love someone I’ve met 4 time more than them! She just has all these ideas of why I feel this way and they’re all wrong. She won’t listen to what I say to her. I want to move because, whatever Australia has, England has it better. The family, the shops, everything is cheaper, the weather, the houses, everything! I hate Australia but once again my mum didn’t believe me. This is basically how the conversation went:                    *Mum* You don’t hate Australia, they’re are good things about it.                                        *Me* Like what exactly?                                                                                                          *Mum* The weather                                                                                                                        *Me* Interrupts and says “FOR THE LAST TIME I HATE THE WEATHER I DESPISE IT HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!                                                                                 I just don’t like this country and my mum doesn’t understand that there is a very strong chance that as soon as I finish schoolies after year 12, I’m leaving and it might be for good. Of course I might change my mind before I get to year 12 but I have a strong feeling that this isn’t a phase. I think that until I move I’m going to be thinking about England 24/7. My mum keeps saying “Oh you could go there for uni! Or live there!” But I don’t want that. I won’t get that long to enjoy it as a young person. I want my CHILDHOOD to be there, not part of my short adult life.

My mum seems to think that if we moved I’d have this perfect new life. That I seem to think that my English family is untainted and isn’t dysfunctional like every family to ever roam the Earth and that I’d have some amazing new life. But once again she won’t listen to what I have to say, she won’t change her opinion. I know that they’re are not perfect and that the only reason they’re ever all together is when we’re all there, but I’m not stupid I have ears and eyes, I know that. I don’t expect them to be all together, I mean they live all over England! My Uncle’s family lives in Sheffield and he’s moving to America! My Auntie lives in Scotland and my second Auntie lives in York! And I do know that they fight and disagree, because my mum tells me about it and I hear things and I read things but they’re better than the one here. The difference is I actually want to see them!

When I was overseas I actually told my mum that I wished we moved to England when I was younger and that I wished I could stay here, and I cried but she said that it’s something I will have to come to terms with, and she went through the same thing. I think she might have said she still does sometimes. My mum also said that before I was born she when through a stage where she did discuss it with my dad and my dad wouldn’t be able to cope with it because he would have to do all these test to become a UK lawyer/ barrister. (My dad is in law, by the way.) And to do re-do them would have been too much for him and too hard. I also kind of get but also half disagree with the fact that she said when she met my dad she lived here, in Australia, so it was her home. My dad was marrying into an Australian woman, not someone who was down here for 5 years before going back to the UK, she lived and would probably spend the rest of her life, In Australia. I seriously get that but I think that it’s been so long for her to live here and shed tears over virtually being stuck here that moving shouldn’t be something that’s never discussed. I mean what I just said  in the best possible way because she chose to live here, but if they would just have even ONE conversation about it. I also think that, you’ve been together for so long and I know I’m not being naive when I say there is a 1% chance of my parents getting divorced so take a chance. My mum has been in Australia for like 25 years let her go home and bring us too. I’m sure we would all settle in, I know the rest of my family would like it. There are roadblocks standing in front us, for example we just started renovating out house and what would the point of spending loads of money on that and then moving away be?! But I have an answer to that, I just honestly don’t know how my parents would react if I told them my idea, it probably wouldn’t be in agreement with me though. You see, my house is already worth a lot, not because we’re like super rich in some massive house but because of the area. My area has houses going for like $1 million even if they’re small or ugly people want to be in my area because it’s near so many schools and shopping centers and it has quiet streets but the city in the center of so much. I think if we were actually just moving off to the UK and we sold our house, when we got the money for it, the house we would buy in England would cost less than our old house. We would have a small-ish amount of money leftover so we could buy a new house and then have a tiny bit to help us move. I even have ways we can buy houses over there. My mum or mum and dad could go over and buy and then my brother and I fly over after, or we all stay at my auntie’s in England while we look at houses or we stay in an apartment. Housing over there is cheaper anyway, I think. I’m being so stupid because In my spare time, I’m researching. How much would it’s going to cost to bring our pets over, schools in York, I’m even looking up real estate for god’s sake. There are tears rolling down my cheeks as I write this because I want this so badly. I’m acting like if I go tell my parents and show them all that research and how much I want this they’ll be like those parents in the movies.    But I know they’re not.          They aren’t going to sit down with me on my bed and say ” Honey, you really want this?” And I’m not going to look them in they eye and nod and they won’t sit there for a minute, deliberating it in there heads and say “Let’s do it.” They’re hardly spontaneous at the best of times. I know things are never going to change. I wish they would some how come across this post and read it and they would know how desperate I am and how much I want this, but even then it seems more like a fantasy or a dream. Even if they read this, I’d still find myself living here not there. Maybe they can’t see it the way I see it, but they should try. I’m going to regret not having the remainder of my child hood in England for the rest of my life, even though it’s a decision I can’t even make. Even now I can’t put it into words. This isn’t just some phase I’m going through. Sometimes when you have a fight or you miss someone or you have a test you think about it way more than other things but this is on my mind 24/7. It never leaves. It just sits there in my mind like it’s been glued there. I’m either thinking about it or something is always reminding me of it, and half the time it’s barley related to England. “Oh it’s so hot today! I bet it’s cold in England. I should be there.” “Hey it’s raining! It rains in England, I should be there.” I checked the clock app on my phone and it still has English time from my trip and it said “London: 5:55am.” I thought to myself, that should be my clock time. I should be there with a life that says its 6 in the morning. Whenever I’m looking at like a tree or something, half my brain is looking at that tree but the other half of my tree is thinking of trees or forests in England. Once again I got very “USEFUL” advice when I tried opening up to my mum about this who said” I did the same thing when got to Australia, but its a habit you gave to stop or you won’t enjoy anything.” That may be true for you but not for me. You actually got what you think I shouldn’t even bother dreaming about. It was your choice to move here, but I don’t get that choice. Nothing is topping you from looking into moving back or at least discussing it. It’s not habit I can break, it wired into my brain.

To my mother, I just want to say it’s not something “I can live with.” I am willing right now to just pack up and leave everything I’ve ever known. I’ve cried so many salty tears over this and I know that I won’t be able to stop. I almost cried from watching an English lifestyle show about some vet. Moving to a whole new country on the other side of the world would be such a scary thing to do, and a risk but I would do it in the blink of an eye. I would trade everything I own, not to mention everything I’ve ever known to move there. I want the rain and the cold and everything else that would come with moving. You think I just want to go back because of family but I want to go back for everything, and all things I never got to do. to I am so young, I’m meant to enjoy my life and live it to the fullest but I can’t be do that and just be happy here.




I actually can’t explain how much  I hate doing projects in groups so much! It’s all fair and dandy when your with friends but then you always get frustrated because you don’t want to offend people but then it’s like I WANT A GOOD RESULT!!! Last time my group was pretty good, I was with my best friend and some other girl who sits with me at lunch but this time ITS HELLLLLL! At the end of last term, my teacher said that I would be with like, someone kind of like smart or something and then someone who kind of struggles but I’m the only who’s “smart”. I’m doing ALL the work, it’s so annoying. One girl doesn’t speak AT ALL!!! She’s so quiet but she still managing to contribute more than the other person in my group. His ego is bigger than the moon and he’s just so childish and he won’t do anything!!! I’m doing all the fricken’ work and its getting annoying, plus I just have to manage everything we do. When we do activities in class sometimes, we can’t think of anything and we just sit there in silence while I say stuff like “so…?” “Um, well then…” until I think of something to bloody right down. I don’t know if I mentioned this in one of my posts already but I was over-seas when I found out who my group was I emailed my teacher and I was like “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU CRAZY PSYCHO WTH IS THIS GROUP I WILL KILL YOU! ARE YOU EFFED UP IN THE HEAD?!?!?!” (But a little more polite) anyway he emailed me back and was like, “oh you won’t be doing all the work, your job will just be to coach them.” UM 1. I AM DOING ALL THE WORK DOOFUS! and 2. It shouldn’t be my job to coach two bone heads to do the work that THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not little puppies that you just reward and it shouldn’t be MY job to do that anyway! God it’s ridiculous. The guy is just purposely difficult! We had to choose a topic to do for our project and I said that we could do it on emails over the weekend and he said he couldn’t because he had to relax! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! God this is just so hard! At the start of this project we had to make a group contract and throughout the project you have to write down difficulties and also things to celebrated (like someone did extra stuff for the group, etc.) and teachers keep saying like “don’t be afraid to write down negative stuff” but I don’t think they know how hard it is to just turn around and say “hey guys we’re gonna write down that you’re not doing any work but I’m doing all of it!” You would seem so full of yourself and how crap would they feel? I don’t really care about the guy, but saying that would make it SO much more difficult to work with him and I did send an email saying that I feel like I’m doing all the work and they girl replied and she was really nice and I would feel so bad!!! I’m juts gonna keep my head down for the next 8 weeks and get on with it.

On a more positive but mostly weird and disgusting note, so not very positive at all, I heard some really weird news yesterday. Pearl told me that this Asian “player” dude thinks I have a nice arse. At first she just said someone, so I’m gonna be honest I did think to myself “WOW! A GUY DOESN’T THINK I’M COMPLETELY FUGLY!” but then she told me who and I was like “eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” I’m gonna sit down for the rest of my life! He is so gross! He thinks my friend’s mum is hot and he has Grand Theft Auto posters of semi-naked girls in his room and there’s a strong rumour that he takes drugs. Something similar though, some guy I’ve put in an old post, I think it was about his friend asking if I liked him and I said no. (WHICH IS STILL TRUE) But it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I knew what he thought of me. Anyway Pearl asked him and he said pretty, funny and something else but very self-conscious. He’s so right about the last part, and I am really glad he thinks I’m funny because sometimes I worry whether guys might find my humour annoying or weird but then with the pretty bit, I’m thinking are you saying that because, you know guys say that a lot or do you really mean it? I’m probably looking into this enough to make it creepy but who knows? Anyway thanks for reading, advice would be great.

xogirl xx

Social Media Sucks

I’m so tired of social media. I get that its fun and all but seriously its getting on my nerves! I have a group chat with a bunch of girls and Barbie will not stop sending fricken’ snaps and videos of her boring, shitty life. She just sends them of her packing for stupid holidays that she got for her birthday and how unfair her mum is! It’s kind of sad, of course some of friends like her more than me and of course Pearl does, but honestly no one cares. Whenever she’s not around everyone complains about how annoying it is and we ALL skip through them! Everyone says she’s going to be a vlogger or a blogger, and while I’m bursting to say “WELL I AM!” buuut I just sit there quietly and say nothing 🙂 Maybe Barbie sending half an hour worth of snaps has nothing to do with my hate of social media, but then again… I also don’t like the anonymity of social media. You can just send what ever you want, and even if your not being anonymous people just say whatever they want anyway! I guess I am right now… Plus people just spam it all the time and feel like there someone else and they can do what they want. People just put their lives out for everyone too see which isn’t right, safe or fair. One of the many times I’ve had a fight with Barbie online (which I have decided and hopefully actually won’t do again) she would post all sorts of stuff about them. On her Instagram story she would say things like “to everyone I’ve hurt I’m sorry” blah, blah, blah. You should not post personal information online for practically everyone in your social circles to see! It’s not fair on the people your fighting with either, they might not want two-hundred people to now your having a fight. Whenever your on social media you can feel so put out. When I first got it I swore I would never feel like that, but when people don’t request you back, and unfollow you, and don’t like your photos but like your friends it feels pretty crap. You can take it so personally which could stay stupid but I get it. Maybe they don’t like your photos because they don’t like you? Maybe they didn’t request you back because your just not worth it? It just adds so many more complications to social life. People post all this stuff about their fantastic stuff and they have 1, 0000 followers and 200 comments and you can feel so worthless. All in all social media is just not worth it but we all use it because if this one super cool kid does then we all download it and use it because most of us are awkward, self-conscious, lost, confused teenagers trying to fit in and we go through all this worry, and hate, and we put ourselves out there and spend so much time on our screens even though there are so many more cons than pros to social media.

Thanks for reading, does anyone agree with me? Anyway bye 🙂


xogirl xxx

I’m in England!!!

Hi guys I’m finally in England!!! Oh gosh it took so long to get here I can’t believe it! The twenty hours in Singapore were really boring but to be honest I can’t really remember to much of it. Did you know that the Singapore airport has a cactus garden and a pool?
It feels so good to be back, the last time I came I was in year five! The sad thing, I think, is that is this is the last time I’ll probably ever come with my family. I’m getting too old to skip school now, which is disappointing because it may sound silly it I actually want my family to see how I change and who I turn into. After writing that though, it doesn’t seem that stupid because they are my family, I love them, I want them to know me and for me to know them. 🙂 I feel so happy to be here and I’m enjoying it so much, but I also have this sad feeling underneath it all. It’s not because I miss home, I’ve only been here two days but is because I’ve missed England. I’ve doubted myself a lot in my Australian life and sometimes felt annoyed or angry but I have found where I belong. I love being in England. I prefer everything here; the shops, the weather, the houses and cities, everything is cheaper and my family. I’ve met my Auntie here 4 times and she already knows me better than my Australian aunties. My dads side of the family (Australian) is not “normal” the only normal part is him and is brother. My auntie has like nose jobs and never sees her kid, and my other auntie is always in Mexico drinking. They always give me gifts and then forget about my brother and I always feel so sorry for him.  I would trade EVERYTHING I own for my parents to turn around and say “hey! Pack your bags we’re moving to England!” And it’s so unfair because my dad would never agree to it. It’s not that he’s controlling it just wouldn’t happen. I mean it would make sense, his steer isn’t great in Australia and everything is cheaper here Andre actually enjoy seeing our family. We’re always putting off seeing our other family. I would really leave my Australian life behind though. It’s so basic and vanilla. I swear every 1 in 5 people here has green hair or something. Everyone says they adore tropical weather but cold weather is lovely, especially English weather. 

Anyway thanks for reading, I’m hoping I’ll post again soon! 
xogirl xxx

Going overseas + travel essentials

I can’t believe it!!! I’m going to England! I haven’t posted anything about it because I wanted it to be a surprise or something 🙂

I’m leaving tonight at midnight but I have to be there at 9pm which suckssss because I’ll be waiting for AGES to board the flight plus I’ll miss the bachelor 😂 I wish I could write posts on the plane but they don’t have any wi-fi (*cries*) and I’m still not sure if I’m bringing my laptop because it’s from school.

Ohmigod I left school early today after a science exam (which I must say I’m feeling pretty confident about) only to get some really bad news. Before booking the flights, my mum read a 20 hour stopover as a 2 hour stopover. We’re stuck in Singapore for a whole day!

Anyway I was thinking I would write some travel essentials that I need, although its mostly, like hand luggage. I’m really in a writing mood, just sitting here listening to no promises, that song really pumps me up.


  1. Makeup


I know people say it doesn’t matter what you look like because its a plane flight but I’m not going to look like shit if I don’t have to. You never know who you’ll be sitting next to, I could be meeting my future boyfriend. Wouldn’t it be nice if you ending up sitting next to some really cute guy for 20 hours? You’d probably end up speaking at some point! (I’d just have to wait till my mum fell asleep) I’m probably just going to bring all my makeup at once but all you actually need is gloss, concealer and some mascara.

2. Extra set of clothes

The last time I went on a plane my mum spent the whole time covered in orange juice and I’m hella-not going there. Jeans and an extra tee have earned themselves a spot in my bag.


3. Water bottle

You are going to be very, very thirsty if you don’t have a water bottle. As long as you go through customs with an empty water bottle you can just fill it up afterwards.


4. A juicy book


I just got a bunch of library books and my mum was like “You can’t bring those on the plane” so I went around to a bunch or charity shops to buy a book and I found Paper Towns.  I’ve seen the movie, which was alright but I’m hoping the book is better (it usually is 😉)

5. Phone

If you go on a plane without your phone you are mad. I mean think of it this way, not only do you have hours of entertainment from this tiny screen but think of the photo opportunities!!! I (currently) don’t have a phone, because I am Queen Clumsy. After my mum knocked it out of my hand and cracked the corner of it, the next day I managed to drop it in the toilet. You’re all probably wetting yourself from how stupid I am (excuse the pun, if you understand it 😉) But never fear, because I’m getting a replacement on Monday, so thank the gods for the good luck that came out of my misfortune 🙏 If you do bring a phone then be very sure you haven’t forgotten your earphones and charger. It’s so annoying being in some really cool, new place without something you REALLY need.

7. A rockin’ place list!

I currently have 578 songs on my playlist which is like 2 days worth of music, so it’s safe to say I’m set but music is really great on flights. I didn’t bring any last time so when I went to play the in-flight music it was all these pop covers sung by little kids! Plus back then I wasn’t a music obsessed teenager soooo… If you have one playlist that’s good but may I suggest a relaxing playlist is also really helpful when you wanna get to sleep. Just focusing on the sounds of the guitar means you aren’t thinking about how your not a horse and therefor not meant to go to sleep in an upright position. I just use spotify’s peaceful guitar music and accoustic hits.


I do apologize for the bad photos, this post was a little rushed! I think that’s really all you must have on a plane fight (besides a fishtail blanket ’cause unlike me, your not mentally insane) I kind of want to impress my English family because I haven’t seen them in a while… is that weird? Anyway hope you all have a good rest of your day or night! 🙂


xogirl xxx